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Thats the big question. I cant talk for how your ceremony might be, or what happens with receptions as they change the rules often, however when it comes to getting ready in the mornings its pretty much the same. Minus a few face masks.

Its now September and I have done a fair few weddings since being allowed to go back to work. I will be honest I was a little worried about how things would change with my job and how it would be with weddings going ahead.

What a pointless time worrying because the truth is weddings mornings haven't changed. You can still eat breakfast together, get ready in the same room, listen to music, laugh, take selfies and enjoy the morning getting ready without social distancing.

Great news huh!


At the moment in England we have certain restrictions in place one of them being that the bride has to walk down the isle alone. So far I have had no bride walk down the isle by herself. This is purely registrars discretion and most are lovely and understand the situation. This goes with indoor ceremonies and all guests apart from the bride and groom wearing masks. I have had no guests wear masks however its venues discretion so its with having a little chat with them on the day.

So lets face it, Its not as bad as we all think it is.

There are also ways of working with your photographer to ensure the photos will be full of people, love and most of all no sign of covid. Win, win!

However the pandemic is still serious, and we as suppliers still want to protect you so we will be wearing protective clothing and masks. It is worth making sure they your makeup artist and hairstylist is doing this as its its still close contact.


Make sure hairstylist and makeup artists are still social distanced from each other and make sure there is a air flow. These little things will make a difference. (Cup of tea for your stylists goes along way)

I cant being to tell you brides from experience how much a wedding is not only boosting moods and lifting spirits (lets face it we need a party) but proving that love is not cancelled

and when it comes down to it thats the main thing.

Bride - Amy Daniels married at Mickleton Hill Farm

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