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How to prepare for you trial, what to bring and what to ask.

Planning a wedding is such an exciting time of your life however it can be very stressful. There so much you have to book, plan and sort out including your hair styling and makeup for the day. Its crucial when booking your hairstylist to also book a trial. Actually I would go so far as to say I highly recommend all brides have trials, whether with myself of their chosen stylist.

Having a trial means you meet your stylist for the first time and you have to make sure they are the right one for you. We are the first supplier you will meet on your wedding day and we actually tend to be with you the longest. So you need to have a really good relationship with your stylist. Trials give you a good preview of your hair on the day and lets face it, there's not many suppliers you can test run.

So let me help you out by answering some of the most popular questions I get from you brides regarding trials.

  1. When do I wash my hair for my trial?

The most popular question I get asked. I always suggest the morning before your trial is always best, however if you are a daily hair washer (like myself) then please wash and blow-dry your hair on the morning of your trial. Please do not apply any products and keep the hair either down or in a low pony tail.

2. Do you provide hair extensions for the trial?

No, I would recommend you purchase these before hand. I work with two brands Foxy Locks for brides with bigger budgets or for brides with a lower budget. I do have a very limited colour range of extensions in the salon room just in case, however they are subject to availability.

3. I am unsure about what hair style I want for my wedding. Can we go over more than one style for the day?

Yes, of course! I work on an hourly rate and normally say 1 hour is for 1 style, 2 hours is for 1-2 styles and 3 hours or more is for 3 or more styles.

4. Can I have a trial before I pay the booking fee?

Yes, however without the booking fee your date isn't secure. This means that between the time you book your trial and your trial appointment another bride is able to take the date if they pay the booking fee first.

5. What should I bring to my trial?

- Pictures of any hairstyles you like

- Pictures of your dress and shoes

- Any hair accessories you would like to try

- Due to covid (please bring your own drink)

6. Can I bring someone to my trial?

Due to covid only a bride is allowed in the salon room this is due to the size of the room. If however a member of family or friends will be driving you then they can come in. On normal circumstances its only bride +1 other.

7. Where does the trial take place?

At mine in Bourton on the water. On request I do travel for trials this will be charged at 0.50p per mile from the moment I leave my house. Extra charges apply for central London.

8. When should I have my trial?

I suggest 3-4 months before your wedding. Any sooner might lead you to second-guess your hair style choice.

9.Will be go over timings for the day?

Yes, once the trial is over we will both sit down and makeup sure all information is confirmed and both myself and brides have timings for the day.

10. Is there a cancellation fee if I cancel the trial?

Yes, if there is less than 24 hours notice on trial cancellations a £10.00 fee will be added to cover work lost.

11. I would like to have both makeup and hair trials on the same day, what would come first?

Every stylist would say different but my personal preference is makeup before hair as hair can be pulled back ready for makeup application.


Wear a white top to your trial (similar cut to your wedding dress)

Wear makeup similar to your bridal makeup

Be realistic!! A lot of the time I have brides that come with highly filtered pictures. Be aware of your hair type and understand all hair types work differently.

Be honest!!! I always encourage my brides to be open with me and hope I make them feel like they can tell me what they honestly think.

Any other questions you have please send them my way.



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